Why Shop Local?

Why it’s best to go to a local tattoo artist?

I’m hearing a lot lately from girls when I ask where they got their eyebrows or even filler, botox etc done say “oh the girl fly’s in, everyone goes to here because she cheap”

When you’re getting these services done cheap, who knows what they are using, or what level of current education they have. You’re eyebrows could turn grey, green or even red in a few years from cheap pigment, are they using modifiers to work with your skin tone? Do they understand skin tones and what can happen to the colour over time?

Please don’t underestimate the level of experience in these services here in Darwin.¬† None of these services are taught in the territory, we all go somewhere else to learn them.

I myself studied in Melbourne initially, I then undertook a course based solely on Pigment use from a well renowned artist  and then undertook another advanced course from a Russian artist in America РI have spend close to $10,000 for my training so I can be the best.

When someone “fly’s into Darwin – where are they if something goes wrong, or you’re not happy with the colour after it’s healed?

If you shop local you’re helping our sad economy along with the assurance that you Tattoo artist is close by to help you with any questions or possible problems (problems are not usual but we are all different so you never know)

Please don’t hesitate to call for a chat if you have any questions